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Hi and welcome to Beautiful Books, Art and – a space to find beauty in the world.


I’m Lucy, the founder of Beautiful Books, Art and

I’m a secondary school Humanities educator, leader and an emerging artist. Whether in the classroom or out of the classroom I love to connect people with ideas, created art and things. I’ve lived and taught in the beautiful Northern Territory for 30 years- home of the longest living cultural system. I am keen to promote ethical and sustainable trading practices for Aboriginal people and all creatives, both locally, and beyond.

It is clear that the future of the planet we all need to practice sustainability and purchase mindfully; to treasure the old, and value the new. My tastes are eclectic and venture far from home here in “The Territory”. And I like to journey, search, look, wonder and explore…


I want to help you find a quiet place online space to meander, explore and find beautiful books, art and things of the world.

Beauty is indeed “in the eye of the beholder”as the old saying goes and living in the 21st century we can be bombarded and cluttered with noisy “stuff” both online, in shopping centers in market places. This website offers to connect you to sites that perhaps you wouldn’t normally visit and to ethical market places- here in the Northern Territory and throughout the world. May you rest and explore what may be beautiful to me, you and to others.

As we move forward, it’s crucial for the planet that we are inspired, that we create, recycle, reinvent and recreate. Also, that we are mindful, careful and ethical in our purchases. May this site help you be connected to find beauty in the conservation of the old and appreciate the sustainable new. Beautiful Books, Art and takes these principles seriously, as it not only helps you, but the future world too.


It is my hope that this website will satisfy the armchair wunderluster, collector or gift giver by taking you into a quiet journey of finding Beautiful, Books, Art and Things in our world.

If you ever need a hand, have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. If you would like a topic covered or want to share what you found, let me know – I’d love to know.

May our journey towards discovery begin,


Founder of Beautiful Books, Art and Things


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