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Beautiful country… Acknowledgement of country: “Heal country”

Flood plains, Top End NT

Photo by Lucinda Murrell 2018: Flood plains, Top End, NT. ( About 15 mins drive south of home on the way to Window on the Wetlands).

I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land in which I am creating, learning, thinking, being, healing, loving, playing, praying and living. The elders, those becoming and the emerging.  I live on a bush block of land about 30 mins by car from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Some would think this is not an ideal location to live. But, for a naturalist it is heaven on earth. I keep the land as a natural as I can. As bush block it is intacked and I am building a house that is ouside in, with small surrounding gardens. My home is is like living in a natural park- and I keep it simple as I contiue to build according to these principles. Architects are coming next week to design the next phase. To it is a beautiful, creative, wholesome place to live, love, nuture, think, heal, create and be.

I live on boarder land of the Larrikia and Limilngan-Wulna people. About an 30 mins drive south is a site known as Ludawei by the Limilngan-Wulna people.  Here the three hills represent Turtle Dreaming, called LULAK. Nearby my bush home, in outer Darwin, is also Grandfather Cockatoo dreaming and it connects with the turtle dreaming. For more information  about the culutre and land of the Liminlngana- Wulna people please refer to  and In each of these links you will find many beautiful things things, arts, books, understandings. About a 30 mins drive north is Larrakia land  Larrakia Land and people, traditional peoples of the Darwin and outer regions.

In Australia this week is NAIDOC week and the theme is “Heal country”. May we all take the time to heal the country on which we live, work rest and play. How do you do that? Simply take time to talk to plants and land, rivers and nature- perceive its aliveness. Learn from Aboriginal people. Make choices that are more sustainable for the earth, seas and oceans, rivers and underground waters and air every day. Slow down and take a few moments. Ask yourself,  How can I better practice the 5 R’s of: Recycle, reduce, reuse, recreate and reinvent?  And there are many more practices. Take time to value these things- to know that, less is more. Be a leader of this practice, show, model and teach others

Find the beautiful in the peace that is “country”. Country is alive; value and appreciate it. This is a beautiful way of life and worth pursing. 

The future children of the earth thank you, as do I.





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