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May you enjoy exploring what I call  “The art of finding beautiful books, art and things.”  Created in early July 2021 this website is establishing its content.

Why this website? Obviously “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and may be constructed in many, many ways. What is beautiful to you, may not be beautiful to me and visa versa. I do believe that less is more (unless you are a shabby chic/chim, or a beautiful clutter queen or king- then you are excused) but, it is in this age where human beings are destroying the earth due to consumpion. This is driven by our socio/cultural and economic needs and desires to purchase- and what we percieve to be needful or desirable. We need to consider our purchasing footprint and make the necessary changes now. We don’t need more stuff! We we need to be careful, purposeful and mindful about what we aquire.

Personally, I like hand made, created things or antiques, reused, recycled, upcycled things. But I also love great design, art (especially abstract) and ecological friendly and enhancing things. I love ideas and stories.  I’ve sold jewellery to get through university; worked for Greenpeace and talked about CFC’s in the 1980’s; I’ve been a contemporary Dancer; Single mother; and for 30 years I’ve worked as a Humanities teacher (still… great purposefilled work and I currently lead a Humanities faculty) in the Northern Territory, Australia where students are diverse. As an educator, social scientist, applied linguist, theologian (yes, degrees in all) and an arm chair sociologist, historian, feminist, environmentalist and philosopher, and moonlighting these days, as an abstract artist there are many things that I think, do and dream about. Who you are and what you do is important. I teach that to my at risk students and all students and- it is true for all of us….  I hope that humanity can enjoy being custodians of this earth while still being able to produce beautiful functional and not so functional things, art and books. And I hope we continue to learn, read, think, make and remake.

This space is a space where you can read, view and browse at your leisure – it  will help you find the beauty in the ordinary, the special and the unique. May Beautiful Books, Art and Things make your mind, heat and soul sing. These are my hopes. Let’s see. We begin. One of my own orginal works is pictured below and is available for purchase.

P.S. HELLO and Welcome… relax, unwind and enjoy.

Peace be with you


“Opal Hunter no 1.” Mixed media on canvas, 2021. Original, by emerging artist, Lucinda Murrell. For sale $1800- au. Please contact admin.


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  1. Hi Lucy &ntmu. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us. I always guid myself after my father teaching “as long as we live we have to learn”.

    1. Thank you Angell70 for your message and wise words. This is true, to live well always means learning. We need to cultivate curiosity, wonder and also sometimes or willingnes to ensure capacity. Thank you and good luck with fitness emporiumglobe, Lucy

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